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"Muy sencillo e intuitivo. Puse como objetivo completar un par de ejercicios al día y empece a notar la diferencia en muy pocas horas. ¡Recomendado!"

M. Schippers, Seguros Schippers S.L.

Pedagogical base of 30 years

Each exercise, order, typology and section have been perfected in order to create a highly optimized system that allows you to learn in no more than 15 hours. All thanks to the experience of thousands of students and our unique system.


For €48.50 we give you:

  • A fully automated system from which you can work from home.
  • 5 independent sections in which to develop your skills.
  • 24 hour technical support.
  • Certification.

What you take away:

  • Type at over 200 strokes per minute.
  • Error reduction to approximately 3%.
  • Savings of up to 2 working hours per day.
  • Improved professional image.
  • Ergonomics: avoid injuries due to bad posture.
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Frequent Questions | F.A.Q

FastTyping Online is our 15 hour online Touch Typing course, based on over 30 years experience. It is a fully automated adaptation of our version for schools. At only €48.50, FastTyping provides all the necessary tools to become an expert typer in no time!

FastTyping Online has been designed with university students and professionals in mind, but is open to users of all ages. Being an online based web app, users can access the course from any location via an internet connection and a keyboard enabled device.

Of course, in fact, we have already trained hundreds of students through our classroom based course, for which we run an independent platform in addition to employing a highly trained team of monitors.
The company Academia MAI is in charge of coordinating this activity in the Canary Islands and Academia MAE in the mainland.
You can contact them directly or alternatively write to us at: admin@fasttyping.com.

It may not seem obvious at first, but the ability to type using all your fingers and without looking at the keyboard provides a fundamental competitive advantage today within all sectors and professions in which considerable work takes place on any computer medium.

Many would say: “I already type well” or “considering what I need it for, my level is good enough”, but what we don’t realize is that many countries have been investing in touch typing for years and as a consequence, as professionals today, we are actually competing with those who have already mastered this skill.

To put it into perspective, if I can transcribe at 250 keys per minute and without committing errors, I can therefore type any document about 5 times faster than the average person can, making me in turn, 5 times more productive and 5 times more secure in my position.

With 15 minutes practice per day, we estimate that our course can be completed in approximately 15 hours. However, when you enrol, we will provide you with an initial two-month license, more than enough time to accommodate the estimated 15 hours necessary.

If more time is required, as of the second month, we will provide you with the necessary steps to follow in order to extend your license on a monthly basis for €9.90.

You can sign up to FastTyping Online by clicking on the 'Register now' link at the top of this page. The sign up process takes place quickly and securely and from the moment you register access to the platform is granted immediately.

If you require group or company licences, please contact us at the following address: admin@fasttyping.com.




Recent events

TLP Challenge 2019

TLP 2019

Last Wednesday 17th of June, alongside La Factoría de Innovación Tenerife, FastTyping was privileged to be able to host the Digital Typing Challenge at the TLP 2019 (LAN Party Tenerife), with over 2000 gamers using this very platform.

It was very exciting for the whole team to carry out the callenge on the big stage at the recinto ferial and the response from the gamers was spectacular.

The level of the finalists suprised us all and even more so that of our winner Sara, who, not only achieved first place, but even broke the FastTyping record previously set in Canarias with a final score of ¡586 strokes per minute and 6 errors!

Annual FastTyping Championship Tenerife

Campeonato Anual FastTyping Tenerife

Last Thursday 20th June, we celebrated our annual FastTyping Championship at Colegio Hispano Británico in La Laguna, Tenerife.
FastTyping 1º Año - 330 keys/min: Adriana Monteverde
FastTyping Advanced (2º Año) - 451 keys/min: Dora Gómez
FastTyping Secundaria - 290 keys/min: Alexander Peña
We eould like to thank all of our students, parents, Colegio Hispano Británico for receiving us and finally all remaining schools and collaborators. Thanks and congratulations to everyone invlolved!

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